What are pre-annotations?

Pre-annotations can greatly speed up the annotation process. Learn how.

A pre-annotation is a suggested combination between a piece of data and its label. This can come from:

  • The result of a previously trained solution
  • Annotations created outside of Lettria, using other applications

Using pre-annotations can speed up the annotation process and support human annotation efforts. However, you still need to check if all the pre-annotations are correct, and edit them if they are not.

Show pre-annotation​

When you have a pre-annotation in your text:

  • It will be underlined with dashes in the suggested color
  • The label will have a green "Suggested" tag in the list of labels

Validate pre-annotation

You can validate pre-annotations in two ways:

  1. You can validate all pre-annotations at the same time by clicking on the Valid button of the annotation
  2. Or, you can validate each pre-annotation one by one by selecting the specific pre-annotation you want to validate and clicking on the Suggested label

    Edit a pre-annotation​

    1. Select your pre-annotation
    2. Find the correct label in the label panel
    3. Select the correct label

    The suggested label will be replaced by your label. The suggested label will still be visible in your label panel.

      Delete a pre-annotation​

        1. Select your pre-annotation
        2. Click on Delete

        If you want to go back to the pre-annotation, you will have to reset the entire conversation.

        If you need more help, please reach out to us at hello@lettria.com