Taxonomy classes and labels

Taxonomies consist of classes. Here’s everything about them.

In this article:

  • What is a class?
  • Types of classes
  • Adding a class to a taxonomy
  • Adding labels to a taxonomy class

What is a class?

A class is a category of things or ideas in a taxonomy to which individuals belong. Each class can contain subclasses.

Types of classes

Broader class

A class that is less specific than another.


Blue is the broader class for Cyan and Navy Blue.

Narrower class

A class that is more specific than another.


Cyan and Navy Blue are narrower classes of the class Blue.

Adding a class to a taxonomy

In order to add a class to your your taxonomy click on ‘+’. This will add a narrower class related to the parent class.

Choose a name (also known as the preferred label) for your class. Each class must have a unique name.

Finally, click ’Create’ to add your class.

Adding labels to a taxonomy class

From your class page, you have the option to add lexical labels. These labels include the option to add preferred, alternative, or hidden labels. Read more about lexical labels here.

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