Managing auto-generated suggestions

Here's how to manage suggestions in an existing ontology attached to a project.

Who can do this?

Admins and Super-Users of an ontology can accept or discard suggestions.

Once suggestions have been generated and inserted at the right place in your ontology, you can decide if you want to accept or discard them.

The suggestions have various origins and each has its own sorting methodology. We display a sample of each origin but you can click on "View more" to see all the suggestions.

Find suggestions​

From your ontology details​

  1. Go to your ontology
  2. In each node of your ontology, you will find New narrower class suggestions
  3. In each class, you will find new Alt Labels or new Hidden Labels

From the list of all suggestions​

  1. Go to your ontology
  2. Select Manage suggestions
  3. You will find a table of all suggestions

Accept a suggestion​

Accept a suggestion will create new element

  • From the token
  • In the class defined
  • As the type defined
  • In the language defined

Discard a suggestion​

Discard a suggestion will remove the suggestion from the list. It will not be suggested in the future generation of suggestions.

The discarded suggestion is in the discarded list and can be restored.

Move a suggestion to another place in your ontology​

It is not yet possible to move a suggestion from one type to another. You will have to manually create the element in the right place in your ontology.