How to import annotation labels with a CSV

Here's how to import your annotation labels by uploading a CSV file into Lettria.

If you already have a list of labels stored somewhere, it can be faster to upload them as a CSV than to update them manually on Lettria.

You can download a sample CSV file with the right format here.

Data Format

To upload your labels into Lettria with a CSV, they must be in the below format:

Label Description Parent
Parent Label 1 Description of Parent Label 1  
Parent Label 2 Description of Parent Label 2  
Child 1 Description of Child 1 Parent Label 1
Child 2 Description of Child 2 Parent Label 1
Child 3 Description of Child 3 Parent Label 1
Child A Description of Child A Parent Label 2
Child B Description of Child B Parent Label 2


The CSV file must have a comma as the delimiter for it to be recognized in Lettria. 

Sample Output

For the above table of labels, this is what the label-set will look like:

Frame 3-1

Upload Process

To upload your CSV, follow these steps:

  1. Click on 'Labels' under 'Classification' in the left side bar.
    Upload Labels CSV
  2. Drag your CSV into the box, or click on it to select it from the file browser.

That's it! Your labels will be created from your CSV file automatically.