How to create a new annotation campaign

Here’s how to create a new annotation campaign in Lettria.

Go to the ‘Campaigns’ section within a project, and click on ‘New campaign’ on the top right. Select ‘Create new’ to create a campaign from scratch.

Choose the dataset(s) that you want to annotate, and click on ‘Create’.

In the next step, choose whether you want to control annotation quality through consensus or not.

When there are multiple annotators, consensus measures the general agreement between them. Inputs will only be used to train your solution when the consensus is higher than a particular score (around 50% usually).

If you choose to control quality with consensus, you need to choose the number of annotators per asset.

You’ll then see the total number of annotation tasks that will need to be completed before you can train your solution. This will help you have an idea of how much time will be required for annotation.

In the final step, you can write an annotation guide that will be displayed to users while annotating on clicking on the ‘Guide’ button. You can write it in markdown.

Finally, click on ‘Create’ to finish creating your annotation campaign.

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